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I'm there. Circumstances may ambush, in which case I'll inform you.
She'll sense your character and deny all hopping or allow it and say hey. As there's no surprising her that way, contact me first if your character plans to jump in.
Prefer not - 9 would look for an actual 4th Wall dimension. We do not want that. No one wants that.
Offensive subjects:

Go ahead.
Try not to die.
It'll take her a bit to realize! Go on.
Yes to anything barring broken bones, no talking it out necessary, just give her room to react.
Your enthusiasm's ace, but unless we've decided on that, I gotta no this.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities:
A-OK! Tell me and I'll adjust introspection.
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Sailor Moon Classic with her human appearance not being her true form. Then, that may be 90s canon too - Germatoid was shown to actually be a plant creature, anyway.
The Daimons, and a subgroup, the Death Busters, come from the Tau Nebula, which was in another dimension and destroyed somehow. The DBs shacked up on Earth but couldn't quite handle its shit so they decided to take over a few key humans (those naturally adapted scamps) via eggs. Then they tromped around ripping out people's hearts looking for the shiniest ones to feed to their Messiah in hopes of waking her up. To be horrible heartbreakers they used a cat puzzle. Or doorknob. Anything came to life when a Daimon egg fused with it. And everything had boobs.
The DBs leader is Pharaoh 90 but he can't see worth beans and needed a giant Holy Grail laser to learn where the heck anyone was. To wave the signal flag was Mistress 9 (also known as the Messiah of Silence), who was implanted in a science man's daughter after he pledged loyalty to a Daimon, Germatoid, who was first to enter our dimension. He offered to save science man and his freshly-dead daughter as they broiled in a lab fire. Daughter's life was ever-after suck.
- I play 9 nebulously after she gave the Grail to Pharaoh, her canon lover/partner.
- For the sake of opening her to romance, I can AU her to be without him. To smooth over the story change, all she needs is an object of power to truly awaken, burst out of this confining human body and screw over the world to make it safe for her people.
- Magic energy hand as seen in icon. It can go through space uninhibited (think Portal).
- Mistress 9's hair is forever. She strangles with it and it can adhere and turn into to any material, or at least stone.
- Direct magenta lightning but instead of electrocution it knocks people back.
- Bubble of teleportation light burst. Can levitate.
- Magenta light blast earthquake that explodes sky scrapers.
- Daimon goo can electrocute people with red lightning.
- Transform into her host's body complete with school uniform.
- Part the fabric of the universe.
- Can sense and absorb things of power. There's no limit to this...except, I guess, if they can't fit in her mouth. She sensed the Holy Grail when it wasn't formed, but it had to be physical for her to use it. Yet, in her dormant form, she could reach into people's bodies and pull out their power thing, off on awakening?
- 9's a freaken unmovable object. Sailor Moon was hurtled against her and not even 9's bangs or earrings moved.
- Can make a dome of "dark energy" that's impenetrable to anything in canon except 1] freezing time and 2] (supposedly) five-person-powered teleportation. Called an omega zone.
- In dire times, is serious and severe while unashamedly recognizing her fragility.
- Sarcastic yet true sense of humor. Wow taking those blows for me was nice of you. Don't thank me, thank the hopeful kid who bared her heart and made this all possible.
- Facades up the wazoo. Her act slipped two times. Once when the Holy Grail was within her reach, second when she was told "I'm glad you're alright" while acting as Hotaru. 9 was honestly taken aback.
- Cruel, but doesn't seem sadistic. Didn't gleefully giggle or cackle when hurting people, she just stated the business terms.
- Can honestly admire her adversaries. ("To enter by stopping time...nothing less from the senshi of the outer rim of the solar system...")
- Doesn't blame.
- Super respectful towards Pharaoh 90. Doesn't think him above being corrected, though it's very gentle.
- Tells a concerned Germatoid not to worry for her.
- Indulgent of Germatoid's gleeful insanity. Throne littered with stuffed animals and dolls, me in a frilly clown skirt? K. I'll pet teddy bears incessantly as we chat.
- Boils down to wanting a place to live again. (s: "Now the world for the master and myself will begin," "...the rest of us will survive without any problems," "I want to make this world beautiful with my own hands.")
- The Silence marks the arrival of Pharaoh 90. According to Germatoid, who gave the clearest explanation, that's when "everything will be destroyed" and "the Earth will be surrounded in silence." So the antagonists are manga/Crystal-canon Sailor Saturn.
- The Death Busters/Daimons didn't know about the senshi at-freaken-all before arriving on Earth and encountering them one by one. Like, they don't even know our planet's names. (s: episode 98. Germatoid: "The five Sailor senshi! And the always unexpected arrival of that Tuxedo Mask! Furthermore, there are these mysterious senshi who call themselves Uranus and Neptune!")
- Germatoid, then Pharaoh 90, learned about Sailor Saturn. Mistress 9 evidently hasn't. The reveal was very much between-you-and-me. (s: episode 119. Germatoid: "Yes, that is correct, Pharaoh 90. Yes, that girl is Sailor Saturn, guarded by the planet of destruction. There can't be a better candidate for the Messiah of Silence.")
- 9's weird ignorance of the planet Saturn 'explains' why Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were the only outer senshi to her. Maybe Germatoid gave her an astronomy lesson? Additionally, 9 says she took over Hotaru's body. If she knew of Saturn, surely she'd say something like, "for her sleeping power."
- Germatoid apparently kept 9 in the dark about his (and Pharaoh's?) plan to "swallow the Milky Way in its entirety" goal, too. All 9 talked about was having the world, and even in Germatoid's exposition goal speech to her it was about bringing "the age of light filled with lies" to an end on "the Earth." Kaolinite seemed to believe the same thing. (s: episode 90. Kaolinite, when asked about the Death Busters' purpose: "To acquire the Holy Grail and control the world.")
- The Messiah of Silence title/job is bestowed, which implies they made up the title/job and plan and everything just because they were moving. (s: episode 119. Germatoid: "We were not mistaken to choose you as the Messiah of Silence.")
- Pharaoh 90 wasn't always part of the Daimon people. Mistress 9 was the strongest. When Pharaoh showed up they fought and he won, so she took to calling him Pharaoh, and 90 in recognition of his power. The 'master' part only came into play because he saved the Daimons' lives when the Tau Nebula was destroyed by a supernova.
- The Death Busters call themselves that because they kicked their home's destruction in the face in deciding WE WILL SURVIVE, WE WILL ENDURE.
- Pharaoh 90 picked Earth as their new home. He's the only one who can see through dimensions and was the one who first sensed the Holy Grail. Didn't know much of it, just that it was an incredibly powerful thing that could exist. The DBs had to figure out how to get it and such. He narrowed its location to Tokyo and Germatoid lucked out on finding a dimensional gap that allowed him to go there and bring everyone but Pharaoh along.
- 9 and 90 aren't their actual names. They're an indication of power. Example, if one of them became stronger than Pharaoh, their number would be 900. The zero is symbolic of the silence/apocalypse he's to enforce.
- 9's dimension/space curtain power is limited to her current dimension, otherwise all the DBs and Pharaoh would've jaunted to Earth instantly. But she can fudge that with Dear Mun/Player, which by design allows her to go anywhere.
- Hotaru's amnesia when 9 took control is what happens for 9 when Saturn takes control.
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